Sunday, January 15, 2012

MLK Activities and more :)

I don't think I've mentioned it yet, but I am SOOOO stinkin' lucky to be at a school that has a FOUR day work week!  That's right- Monday-Thursday with children and then every Friday is a WORK DAY!!  After working last year in a school that was Monday- Friday, I feel so blessed to be at this new school.  I was tired of going in every single weekend just to have things prepared for the upcoming week.  (and I'm sure my stress had nothing to do with last year being my first year teaching- right?!)   I finally feel a nice balance between school and home though and am loving it.  My principal is even so great that he gives us a four day weekend every now and then, like this weekend.  We have Friday- Monday O-F-F!!  I can't even tell you how lazy I feel right now :)

The boyfriend and I took a quick trip to Salt Lake on Friday night to get some new glasses (woohoo!) and I now feel ready to tackle a little bit of the school work, while watching a bit of football, of course.

This week we worked on pulling together an MLK writing prompt, where all the students had to talk about their dream for the world.  I was really impressed with their ideas, like end the war, stop people from using drugs and even to stop trophy hunting!  We spent a good amount of time front loading on MLK and his life, and then throughout the week we watched MLK's speech, completed some of the activities from my MLK activity packet,

and re-read the book, The Other Side, which made more sense this time around!  (Hallelujah!) 

Here is one of the activities we completed, which shows people of different colors holding hands, just like MLK speaks about in his dream.

 Looks like we have a Bronco's fan in our midst!
Our dream!

I hope everyone else is having a fantastic 3 day weekend and being just lazy as I am!  Enjoy!

Kelly Anne

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Martin Luther King Day Activity Packet

I don't know about you, but it sure is good to be back into a routine.  After super L-O-O-N-G break, it was crazy necessary to review expectations and I have to admit, after reviewing a little bit, we were able to have a great day.  My kiddos this year are absolutely fantastic.  It would have taken two weeks to review expectations with my class from last year.  But I loooooove this group. 

With Martin Luther King Day coming up next Monday, our school is having a school-wide writing prompt to talk about Martin Luther King Jr and our own hopes and dreams.  The top writing from each class will be displayed throughout the school.  In order to front load on this topic, I put together a little packet of activities, vocabulary words and of course, the fabulous writing prompt.  Pick it up (for FREE :)) here at Teachers Pay Teachers.  It's even differentiated to meet the needs of grade levels K-5!

I am looking forward to sharing some of my lessons and learning from some of the best in the blog world!  Be sure to stop back by somtime soon to see more lessons and things going on in our classroom! 

Happy Monday everyone :)
~ Kelly Anne