Sunday, August 23, 2015

Why You Should Smile... Weekly Inspiration

Smile?  Do you know how much I have to do?  Do you know how much I have to do? 285,301,432 things are running through my mind and I can't keep up.  How the HECK am I supposed to remember to smile?  I wish I had a simple solution.  I don't.  But I do have a pretty reminder!  Grab this guy and remember to smile!  You're beautiful inside and out... rock it!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

4th Grade Writing Curriculum [Make writing FUN!]

4th Grade teachers!!  Have you checked out my writing units yet?  They're made specifically for YOU, they meet all the Common Core Standards, and provide a rigorous yet FUN writing curriculum for the entire school year.  You can buy them individually or save over 20% by purchasing the bundle!

It took me a long time to figure out a writing curriculum that I was happy with, however I can proudly say that I have never had one student who didn't love to write by the end of the school year.  With this fresh approach to teaching writing, you will actually get to build amazing writers!  It works with nearly ANY schedule and is very little work for you!

Each unit comes with a daily lesson plan, lasting as long as you need it to (ideally 60 minutes, but also with the realization that this may be unrealistic).  There's time for a mini-lesson, independent writing, and time to share, teaching students to think about other writing as well as their own.  Each unit comes with a specific conference form to help guide you through writing conferences, checklists to help you stay organized, and all pages that your writers will need.  Just get them a notebook and you're good to go!  Check more out, below or in my store!!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekly Inspiration

Happy Monday y'all!  I know Weekly Inspirations come at you on Sundays typically, but bear with me as I work back into a routine. {Story of my life} Grab this beauty and keep it on your phone as a reminder!  If you're not already, >follow me< on Bloglovin to get a pretty reminder every week :)

Save it to your phone and set it as your background.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Back to School!

Y'all.  Do you hear the pitter patter of feet heading your way?  Those new shoes and fresh clothes are ready for you!  It's that time of year!  Can you believe it?  Even though I'm not going to be in a classroom this year, I can't help getting butterflies thinking about the beginning of the year.

Welcome and thanks for joining our blog hop!!  There are beauties, freebies, and so much MORE below.  Check it out and continue on the hop!  There's something for everybody and you can win $45 from ::my store::!! :) >>Keep Reading!!<<

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I know that b2s is HARD.  For so many reasons- eating healthy, working out, taking care of family and friend relationships, and oh yea, WORKING again.  Well, my goal is to make one of those at least a little easier.  How about a B2s menu guide?  That's right!!  Introducing my newest product (hot off the presses!) a meal planner for you and your family.  There will be one available for each month of the year eventually.  Included are 6 recipes/week (cuz ain't no one got time for 7 meals/week!), seasonal ingredients, a slowcooker recipe each week, a YUMMY vegetarian recipe each week, grocery lists (pre-filled and left blank) and SO. MUCH. MORE.  Did I mention it's all inexpensive too?  And because I love y'all, a sample week (for the month of August) is provided fo' free, below!!  Download it, print it off, use it, save yourself valuable time, share it, tell your friends, enjoy cooking, and take pictures with the hashtag, #mealswithappleslices!

Now, I don't know about you- but first days of school can be monotonous, boring, and more of those synonyms.  BUT writing is always fun. (I'm a writing nerd for reallsies)  And it's a superb way to start the year.  Let's be honest, who is not obsessed with hashtags?  #theyrefun #andsilly #andaddsomuchpersonalitytoyourcaptions So why wouldn't your kiddos love some hashtag action?  Download this B2S {FREE} #hashtag activity to show your students that you love writing, love them, and want to have a fun year together in your classroom!

Now, what's B2S without savings?  Are you one of the lucky ones enjoying tax free weekend right now?  If you are- get out there and shop!!  If not, you can find savings in my store for today and today ONLY!  Grab anything for 20% off!
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I'm not the only one on this hop!  Hop along to the next blog and get excited about heading Back to School!  Cheers, friends :)

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