About Me!

Hey y'all!  My name is Kelly Anne and I was a teacher for 5 years. I now live in Wilmington, North Carolina where I create and sell Lesson Plans for teachers!

I went to school at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC! After graduation I moved out to Grand Junction, Colorado where I started my first teaching job and met some amazing teachers. I miss Colorado every day, but after teaching there for 3 years, I made my way to Spain to teach English for a year.

Teaching English was an amazing opportunity that I recommend to anyone looking for a change of pace! After teaching English, I settled back home in South Carolina, where I taught 4th grade for a bit. Unfortunately, I went through some life changes that forced me to move. Now I live in Wilmington, North Carolina which I wouldn't change for the world! I love the beach and evrything that salt water does for the soul!

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Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to getting to know you :)


  1. I just purchased one of your packs (Loving Writing for 4th grade, Unit 1). I also bought a couple of licenses for co-workers. Now we can make as many copies as we want for ourselves and our students, right? For myself and 2 co-workers.

    1. Hey Ms. G!

      Thank you so much for your purchase! You may absolutely make as many copies as you'd like for yourself and your 2 co-workers! Thank you for checking with me, I really appreciate it! Enjoy :)

      Kelly Anne

  2. Hi!! I had downloaded a great set of multiplication games from you a couple years ago... It was called Multiplying with multiples of 2-12: a math game.... wondering if you still have that file and if I could get it from you. I'd pay ; ) My students used markers on the pages so I don't have the originals, besides mult of 7. Please let me know.... Thanks! My email is cassandrafox05@gmail.com

    Appreciate it. Was such a good game with all the mult levels provided - haven't found anything quite like it.

    Cassandra Fox