Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Monday Letters... on Tuesday

Happy Monday Tuesday y'all!  I'm really feeling down with a case of the "Mondays" today.   I'm not sure if it's the gray weather or the lack of a break in our midst- but I was definitely struggling today with my kiddos.  I made a few adjustments this afternoon, rearranged a few desks, and googled new transition ideas, and am ready to go into tomorrow with fresh eyes and a bushy tail.   *I hope*  How are y'all holding up?

Last week was an exciting one in our classroom- full of earning rewards, sailing to China, and exploring the power of magnets!  For 4th graders, magnets are pretty much the coolest thing since sliced bread.  Seriously.  "Do they stick to our desk legs?"  "I don't know!  Let's find out!"  "AHHH they do!!!!!"  Who knew?  But life in 4th grade is going full steam ahead and I'm embracing every crazy second of it!  How's your year going? 

Dear Classroom... Why oh why would you allow paper airplanes to fly through you this past Friday?  Just because there was a substitute in there does not mean it is appropriate to have these guys fly through the air... No matter how impressive their designs were.  (And they were impressive).

Dear Target... I am in  love with your beautiful home items.  Can you please have a sale so I can finally afford them? 

Dear 24 thumbtacks that were in the hallway holding up papers... Which 4th grade boy placed you in the urinal?  Please tell me before recess is lost for good.

Dear hubby... I am ecstatic to not even think about school this weekend!  I can't wait to take my Fall Break and spend it exploring through the woods with you!!  Let's pitch a tent, unroll those sleeping bags, and make a smore (or ten!). 

Have a wonderful week friends!  Be sure to stop by tomorrow for a fab giveaway!!

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