Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday Letters Return

Dear teachers, have you seen this fantastic freebie? With all the snow our East Coast has been collecting, it's worth checking out (and sending to your families!).

Dear writers, I finally, as in I've-been-working-on-it-since-October-and-it's-FINALLY-complete, finished my 6th grade Informative Writing Unit. This guy is packed to the gills with everything you could possibly need to teach about Informative and Expository Writing. Phew.

Dear football, I love you and am so sad to see the season coming to an end. But given that I have lived in Colorado (and was a band wagon Bronco's fan during my time there) and now live in North Carolina, I am ecstatic to watch this match up. #BroncoNation #KeepPounding #SoConfused

Dear February, I know it's still January but I am all about February and Valentine's. I'm not talking about Valentine's Day. (I'm more about my Galentine's anyways...) But it's really all about the cards. Making them (or buying!) and sharing them with those you care about or need some love. I'm drooling all over this, this, and THIS

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