Monday, February 1, 2016

Monday Letters // Groundhog's Day Edition

It's Monday! Welcome back! How was your weekend?

Dear teachers, tomorrow is GROUNDHOG DAY! And if you're like me and had no idea until today, then you're needing some resources. Check out these cheap or FREE resources (here, here, and here) I love! educators, are you discussing growth mindset with your colleagues and students? It's a great way to get your students thinking about their learning. And Class Dojo has a stress free way to incorporate it into your classroom and conversations! And it pairs nicely with this product in my store.

Dear friends, you make life definitely more interesting. We had a blast kayaking, cornhole playing, and eating. So much eating. I just wish I could get more sleep! Bear and I are already looking forward to this coming (quiet) weekend!

Dear Two Writing Teachers, I loooooooove your blog. And am stoked for this new mini series that's coming this week! Be sure you stop by!

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