Saturday, October 8, 2016

Friday the 13th Debate {Writing Lesson}

Writing teachers!

I love using debates to create stronger writers.

My hope is that all students (and teachers!) will find debates a great way to practice speaking their mind. By figuring out how to express opinions out loud, students will become better opinion and argument writers! (The amazing Lucy taught me all about it... she's seriously the writing God.)

Writing time should always be fun and manageable. Nobody enjoys taking a writing test, but being able to write “on demand” is a skill that serves a viable purpose. I firmly believe that a strong writing curriculum and systematic on demand writing environment will vastly improve student’s writing skills and writing enjoyment – and debates are a huge part of that!

In this lesson, you will find a lesson plan for you, materials to support your students and an article for your students to read. And it's FREE!

Grab it here!

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