Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy New Year!

I cannot believe it is already 2013.  WOW!  I have to admit I have been a slacker and it has been WAAAY too long since I last wrote.  Like, I don't even know how I've been spending my time.  However, here is 2013 and I am looking forward to this new year!! 

Isn't crazy how much students grow and change over our short break?!  I swear they grow inches when they're away.  It's as if they save all their growth spurts from August to December and squeeze them into one break!!  I loved seeing my 5th graders this morning.  They all had on their new clothes and were actually excited about school for a whole five minutes!  We had a lot of fun catching up today but were extremely bored by the almighty and nececessary overview of expectations.  While I know going over the expectations is important- note, I heard from many students today, "you expect us to write how much??" or "how long do we have to read?"- but does it always have to be so darn boring.  Does anyone out there have a great way to beat the boredom and make expectations more fun and exciting?  If so, PLEASE help me!! 

I am super excited to announce a new product I've made recently.  In anticipation of February (the first time I've ever been early for anything!) I have a new unit of Math Centers!  You can check out the Centers here.  I'You can check out a preview, below!


Welcome back to school! How did your first day/week go?

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