Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Traveling Teacher Checks In

I really feel like I should change the name of my blog these days... The Traveling Teacher really would be more fitting {as a side note, do you know that in British English the word traveling is spelled with TWO l's?  Travelling just doesn't look right}.  I am LOVING travelling {ha! sorry!} around the world these days.  And I really do feel like using the word "world" to describe my travels is fitting(ish).  In the past two months my hubby and I have been all over our Spanish Island, Mallorca, to Barcelona, Madrid, Belgium, London, and Georgia, USA.  In TEN days we will head to France {ahhhh!} and visit Paris and the Champagne country for our {please pretend I'm shouting right now} HONEYMOON!!  What a year this has been :) 

Our travels up until have been uh-mazing.  In every city we visited we ate delicious food, explored museums and enjoyed the"feel" of that particular city.  They all have a "feel" ya know?

I'm looking forward to hanging here for the next ten days... getting work done, sharing what I've been learning about teaching ESL, and unpacking and clean-clean-cleaning!

Just a few pics from our journeys.
And speaking of traveling, I have to admit to y'all, one of my fave places to visit is VEGAS!  Annnd, speaking of Vegas-  Who else will be attending the TpT conference this July?  I am getting sooo excited to be there.  I'll be getting in Wednesday and spending Thursday at the Conference on Differentiated Instruction.  Anyone want to join me for dinner and a drink on Thursday evening?

And in other news... I have something new and exciting in the works!  Be sure to stop by later this month for more details :)



  1. Eeek - you're going to Vegas!!! I'm going too, so we definitely have to meet up! :)

    1. Catherine- yes please!! I am getting so excited :)