Monday, September 1, 2014

August Currently!

It's Labor Day- quite possibly a teacher's all time favorite holiday, besides Christmas and Spring Break and Thansgiving...

But somehow Labor Day is just so perfectly timed.  Who couldn't use a little break before boosting into September?  {Speaking of the fact that it's September, I actually named my file Currently August because mentally I thought it was August... and I just realized that, well, it's not August anymore... while I was typing this...

BUT, it's September now.  And time for all things pumpkin, scarf, and boots!  Bring it on Fall :)

Hop on over to Farley's blog to check out this month's currently!

Listening... I'm on my way home to South Carolina from Seattle!!  I may be crazy to travel like this on a must needed rest weekend.  But when I studied abroad in Spain five years ago, I met some amazing friends.  And we all live all over the country and once or twice a year we meet up in someone's home-city and have a reunion.  This time it was Seattle!  I needed the laughs, perspective, and nature and feel reenergized and renewed heading back to the real world.  Thank you Delta Wifi for providing me with work time :)

Loving... Travel.  My hubby and I are travelers.  While he didn't make it to Seattle with me, we're always planning our next trip.  Seattle also reminded me how much I love to see new places.  Looks like we will need to start planning when I get home.  Life's too short not to see the world, right?

Thinking... About what else?  My teaching team is amazing and we collaborate frequently to plan for our week.  They save me so much time and effort!  I already had great ideas for the week when I went to check my school e-mail this morning.  Thank the Lord for great support!

Wanting... Some {I'm making up a word- I know} comfiness for my classroom!  We need a few chairs and pillows to spruce it up.  Right now it feels very... sterile?  Not the vibe I'm going for.  But funds are necessary for comfiness factors... so all in good time I suppose...

Needing... a dresser!  Enough with folding clothes on the floor!  I'm ready to be an adult!  Now the real question is, which comes first... the dresser or the comfiness?

3 Trips... All dreams of mine and places I plan/hope/need/beg to visit in the next five year!!  Has anyone ever done any of these??

Well, I'm off to read and take notes for the week!  We're devouring Frindle and loving discussions focusing on the power our words have!

Happy SHORT week!!


  1. Love your page! I want to get my husband and I traveling more. How was teaching abroad? It's something I would love to do I think.
    Glad to have found your page!
    Mrs. Thomas's Class

    1. Hey Cassie!!

      Teaching abroad was amazing- definitely an experience worth checking out! I am so glad you stopped by! Hope you enjoy every second of your weekend :)


  2. A train trip through Europe sounds amazing! I would go for whichever I found first- dresser or comfiness.


    1. I love the way you think! I've been keeping my eyes open but have yet to fall in love with anything I can afford- I figure it will come around eventually!! Thanks so much for stopping by- hope you're loving your long weekend :)

  3. Just found your blog! How cute! Definitely would do the train trip.

    Apples and Papers