Sunday, April 12, 2015

4th Grade Writing Units

Is teaching writing getting you down?  I used to despise writing.  Like, Iwouldtotallyskipitjusttoavoidit.  Shhhhh.   But then I went and saw Lucy speak.  And got motivated.  I absolutely lovelovelove Lucy but dang is she wordy!  And I just never had enough time for her lessons (anyone else out there agree?).  So I took her fab ideas about writing and began creating my own writing unit that fit my maaaybe 50 minutes that I had scheduled for writing. 

Eventually, I began to love writing.  And lowandbehold, SO DID MY STUDENTS!  We had a classroom full of writers!!  And once they got better at writing, I saw them improving in all other areas.  Writing really does improve all subject areas for your kiddos. 

Since then, I've been building my 5th grade and 4th grade writing units because every student should love writing, and with these units (and a little teacher excitement) I can guarantee that your students will enjoy writing, ask to write more, and write in their free time.  Seriously.  I PROMISE. 

So with my Informative Writing Unit recently uploaded, stop by and grab it for 20% off!  Today and tomorrow only!  I know you'll love it!

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