Saturday, March 16, 2013

Music (Maybe)

This pretty much sums up our past two weeks... and the coming week.  Music (maybe).  On a daily basis we have no clue what our schedule is going to be.  And the kiddos know it, as you can see above!  TCAP (our state testing) has completely consumed our lives.  And with only 4 tests left, we're ALL itching to be finished!  Does anyone have some tips for making it through these weeks?  Or how to make the weeks more bearable? (Teehee, check out the picture below... I crak myself up!  Get it?... bearable... ha!) 

Anyways, come on Wednesday... hurry up and get here!!  Better yet, next Thursday... Spring Break... Let's get a move on!!!  Woop woop

Here's a little funny that got shared today!  Made me giggle.

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