Monday, November 18, 2013

Brrrr- it's cold in here!

Yikes, y'all!  I said, Brrr!  It's cold in here!  There must be some teachers in the atmosphere.  Yikes... some horrible/cheesy "Bring it On" throwback for ya.

But really, winter has officially hit the Balearic Islands.  Fall completely skipped us and the weather has become this rainy mess of a winter.  The humidity, rain, and chill in the air come together nicely to make your bones feel completely frozen.  I cracked and went out and bought a coat this weekend {who brings a coat to an island!!?} and THANK GOODNESS that I did!!
The rainy, gray, day that was my Monday
Turns out my classroom has ZERO heat!!  None, nada, NOTHING!!  And it was COLD today.
Me freezing my tushee off!
 Some of the teachers grabbed this small space heater for me to use.  After three hours it had heated the three feet all around it.  And nothing more.

And it was raining so my kiddos were of course going up the wall with zero recess time.  Love that.

BUT, in all seriousness, it's rainy and gross but all else is great here.  When all I seriously have to report is that it's COLD, I guess that means things are going pretty well :)  It is winter after all...

ESL is lots of fun and I am loving pulling together activities for my kiddos to do.

Today we played a game with the alphabet.  I was so into it that I completely spaced on taking pictures.  The kids were pretty into it too...

Hope your Monday was a great one and it's off to a great start!!

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