Monday, November 11, 2013

Spontaneous Twenty Frames!

Happy Monday everyone!!  Just wanted to pop in and share a quick activity I came up with today for my super adorable first grade Spaniards!  We are working on saying numbers in English.  As first graders, they have a decent grasp on numbers but I still wanted to make sure I wasn't confusing them by giving them new names for these numbers.  So I quickly drew up some 1-20 flashcards, ripped up some paper, and went to work.

I reviewed the numbers with the kiddos using the flashcards and then separated them into two groups.  I had one person from each group be "it" and in front of them was a small pile of the ripped up paper.  I called out a number (1-20) and had them build that number from the little pieces of paper.  The first person to build that number out of the paper got a point for their team.  {The points had no purpose but they made these little competitive kiddos focus.}

Side note- the flashcards were there to support them if necessary but I tried to focus on listening
for the numerical name .  They already know the written form of the number!
This went really well and helped build their fluency with numbers in English AND math :)  Win-win.

To make it even better, I ran home and created some counters, a twenty frame, and some number flashcards that are printed up all nice-like.  I plan on using this next week to play our game again.  You can pick it up for free in my TpT store here.  This would be a great game to send home with kiddos who need a little extra practice working with numbers 1-20.

Hope you're enjoying the start of your week!

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