Monday, December 2, 2013

Morning Work for Upper Elementary

Who loves screaming kids first thing in the morning?!  Not I!  I am all about a quiet classroom to start our day.  One of my teaching friends who I just adore is totally fine with a little chaos in the morning- but that just isn't for me.

So I spent every single morning last year writing a letter to my kiddos on the white board.  It would tell them a little about our day and then provide them with a quick writing prompt.  They would use their "Morning Journals" to respond to the prompt and my fab co-teacher and I would grade and respond to them each week.  As much as I *loved* this aspect of our classroom- I knew it was a waste of my time.  I was constantly struggling to come up with a prompt and get the message up on the board each morning.

Solution? I have created a set of 25 pages for morning work in the month of December!  I think this packet is perfect for all Upper Elementary kiddos!

It allows my kiddos the chance to work quietly and purposefully, but without me having to rack my brain for new ideas every day.  This also gives me the ability to differentiate in my classroom.  Most days I plan to give each kiddo the same page.  However, with 25 pages to choose from and only 20 teaching days {on average} each month, there's some wiggle room to play and adjust as necessary!  The packet is mainly quick writing prompts for my learners, but it also includes a few activities and review pages for literacy and math!  I think it is SO important for kids to have pen-to-paper time as writers, so this definitely helps make up for our constantly shortened writing period... but still finds time to review important skills.

Even though I'm not currently in a strictly upper elementary classroom, I plan on using this in my High School ESL classroom this year.  The prompts and activities are relevant and fun for them as well!

Be sure to check it out in my {TpT} store!  Especially since there's quite a sale going on now!!  Whoop whoop!!


  1. Your morning work packet is amazing! It is very in depth and perfectly aligned to CCSS. Thanks SO much for creating this!

    1. Thanks so much, Mary!! That just made my night! :)