Monday, August 4, 2014

$25 to TpT + Monday Letters

You could WIN $25 to TpT... below!  Seriously, have you entered yet??  It ends at 11:59 tonight!!

Before you enter below, or after- if it's reaching 11:59 pm and you want to meet the deadline, I wouldn't blame you,or if you are scared you'll forget.  I'm not judging. But make sure you come back!  Have y'all heard of Elle & Co.?  She's not a teacher- but she shares the sweetest phone backgrounds {for free!} once a week.  They are all full of inspiration, prayer, and beautiful designs. She also has a fun thing she does once a week, where she writes 2 quick letters to her husband and then 2 random letters to whatever else is on her heart.  I love this idea and plan to begin sharing 4 letters on Monday... 2 to my classroom and then 2 to be determined receivers.
Click on the picture or here to grab this background!
So here goes my first four letters...

New Classroom... you are still all covered with sheets and have a freshly polished floor.  Who knows how long that shiny floor will last {not long!}. You do not know what to expect of this year with this new-to-you teacher and her class of 4th graders.  We look forward to many excursions in and out your door, tears {of happiness and sadness} shed on your floor, hundreds of books read in our heads and aloud, and hopefully very little vomit, boogers, and other 4th grade things shared with you. 

Soon to be 4th Graders... You do not now what to expect of 4th grade, what your new teacher will be like, what the expectations will be, what the schedule will hold.  Have no fear, I am just as nervous as you!  Those butterflies in your tummy are just like the butterflies in mine!  Sure I know the expectations and the schedule, but I do not know what our year will hold.  How exciting that what you will teach me and what we will learn together is still a mystery that we will get to solve together! 

Fabulous College Friends... It was amazing seeing you ladies this weekend in Savannah!  I love that we pick up right where we left off.  You take me right back to how it was when we were still 21, living in our cruddy apartment, eating ramen for dinner, always with a glass of cheap {boxed} wine to share.  Thank goodness for our new-found cooking abilities and our love for early nights.  We are friends who truly laugh together.  

New home... Today is our first day together as your new renters.  We look forward to filling you with our home-things {which we haven't seen for 18 months!} and getting to set you up and make you your own!  In this week of so much new-ness, we thank you for the shelter you will provide over this coming year and the stability of "home" you will give us travelers! 

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  1. Love the four letters! I look forward to very little vomit as well!


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  3. Hey Kelly Anne,

    I've recently discovered your blog, and I love it! I'm especially interested in your experiences in Spain. It sounds like you've been able to do a lot of neat stuff.

    I'm interested in teaching abroad and I'm wondering how you found a position in Spain/ what your position was?

    Feel free to email me:

    1. Hey Lydia!

      I sent you an e-mail with lots of information about the program my husband and I used! Please let me know if you have any questions!!

      Have a great day!

      Kelly Anne