Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday Letters {Slacker Edition}

It's Monday... and my slacker-ness with teacher/work things have hit an all time high.  But for a very good reason.  My bestie was visiting.  And not just from anywhere, friends.  She flew from SOUTH KOREA (where she's teaching English) and so, knowing that she flew from South Korea to be with lil' 'ol me- we have been busy doing lots of fun things.  And eating.  SO. MUCH. EATING.  So here's this week's letters.

Dear Freaker USA,
We are loving your adorable drink coozies that fit ANYTHING.  Wine bottle? Check!  Beer bottle?  Check!  Water bottle?  Check!  Seriously - go buy one for all your friends!  I did. 

Dear sunsets,
We cannot get enough of you - even if you're in the Walmart parking lot.  There's nowhere I'd rather witness a beautiful sunset than the Walmart Parking Lot. {<-- Sarcasm}

Dear Valentine's Day,
I love celebrations.  I really do.  But I just cannot get into you this year.  I am hoping my heart shaped Panera cookie will get me in the spirit.  Or at least pacify my sweet tooth!!

Dear 70 degrees and blue skies,
You were a much welcome gift this weekend!!  Sit inside and watch a movie?  No thank you!  I loved having a little bit more color to my face this morning!!  I am officially ready for Spring, y'all!  And will never, ever, ever move back up North.  Ever. 

Inspired by Elle & Co., Monday Letters is a weekly installment where I write four letters each week.  Two letters are to my classroom or are school related.  The other two are for anything else in my world during that week. 

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