Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Secret to Getting Students to Write - Teaching CCSS.ELA-Literacy.W.5.10

Because of my change in life right now, I will be sharing great ideas that are outside of my classroom.  Teaching is one of the hardest and most challenging jobs and I really want to continue to help make teacher's jobs easier.  So, I'm hoping to start a new series that will do just that - help make your lives easier!  I will be sharing resources and ideas that meet specific standards.  One of the most difficult standards to reach, in my mind, is Lit.W.5.10 - Writing routinely over time.

How do we help students write every day? 

They need to write.  But how can we get them writing?  Here are some fun ways to ensure students never tell you, "I don't know what to write!"

Give them colorful pens!  You can buy a bunch of pens inexpensively here!  Who doesn't love to write with a different color?  Let them choose a new one each day and it's a great way to keep track of how much they write every day!

Make a Writer's Block!  Grab an empty box (like a tissue box) and fill it up with pictures.  They can be small clip art pictures or pictures from magazines (laminated for durability).  When students are having a hard time thinking about what to write, they can grab a picture (but one and only one!) and write about the picture or use it to inspire them. 

Remember, nobody is perfect.  How many of you write every single day?  And always have the best idea to write about?  And don't get bored three pages into your story?  It's normal and we need to remember that it's normal for students too!  By giving them some fun ideas for writing, they will be able to enjoy writing and make the most of it!

Don't be scared to tell students, "Write about not having anything to write about!"  "Write a grocery list and tell me what you're making for dinner!"  "Try to convince me that we should have recess all day" "Write about your favorite food" "Draw a comic strip" (as long as there's talking!).  I have no problem with students drawing comic strips, but I leave coloring and major illustrations to be taken care of during publishing, not drafting!

Still having a hard time getting students to write?  Check out these websites! (Click on the pictures to get more info!)

Fitting writing into your day can be a struggle... but by writing more, you will see a difference in the work your students produce all around.  Go on!  Give it a try!  Let me know what you think?

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