Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How to Be a Successful Teacher

Following up yesterday's post of How to be a Mediocre Teacher, *ha* I found this great article about 25Things Successful Teachers Do.  While many of the items are things we all do automatically... without ever realizing they're out of the ordinary... some are great reminders! 

To be honest, I often have a hard time finding my sense of humor in the classroom.  I just get into "teacher" mode and lack a humor.  I don't know what it is GradingClassroomManagementDutiesLessonPlansObservationsCleaningTeachingPreppingEtc about the classroom that does it to me.  But number 7 is a great reminder.

7. Successful teachers have a sense of humor

Humor and wit make a lasting impression. It reduces stress and frustration, and gives people a chance to look at their circumstances from another point of view. If you interviewed 1000 students about their favorite teacher, I’ll bet 95% of them were hysterical.

And I also love  numbers 21 and 22...  I love having fun and often need to remember number 22...

21. Successful teachers bring fun into the classroom

Don’t be too serious. Some days, “fun” should be the goal. When students feel and see your humanness, it builds a foundation of trust and respect. Fun and educational aren’t mutually exclusive either. Using humor can make even the most mundane topic more interesting.

22. Successful teachers teach holistically

Learning does not happen in a vacuum. Depression, anxiety, and mental stress have a severe impact on the educational process. It’s crucial that educators (and the educational model) take the whole person into account. You can have the funniest and most innovative lesson on algebra, but if your student has just been told his parents are getting a divorce, you will not reach him.

Check out the article {here} if you're interested in some of the other things "successful" teachers do.  And then add about 30 of your own ideas, and 15 more from your teacher friends... and the list goes on and on.  What do you do that makes you successful?  Please comment and share!!


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