Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Our wedding!!

Hooray!  My computer is back and healthy and better than ever- SUCH an amazing feeling! 

I know this is a non-teacher related post.  However, I am dying to share something with y'all.  Our wedding!  My husband and I got married in Savannah, Georgia on June 21st, 2013.  We got our wedding video and {TONS of} pictures back this week and I am just a little obsessed.  Here are a few of my all time favs :)  But y'all ,there are seriously so many more that I am just drooling over.  Eeeee!  So glad I can relive my excitement all over again!  Thanks for letting me share my happiness giddiness with you!


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  1. Absolutely gorgeous photos! Thanks for, in a way, inviting me to your wedding! :) Best wishes to you and your new hubby! ~Deb
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