Monday, February 10, 2014

A Recipe for Friendship

What are you planning for Valentine's Day in your classroom?  We don't exactly celebrate the holiday here in Spain- but I just can't let this week pass without some {LOVE}.  So today I spiced up a great activity I did last year with my 5th graders. {You can read all about how we used it in a traditional 5th grade classroom here!}

I stumbled across this FREE activity from Angelica Alves on TpT where you create your own Recipe for Friendship and I was super excited that I could work it into our 6th graders ESL lesson this year!

I started by creating some easy puzzle pieces to help translate important adjectives.  You can pick them up here through Dropbox-  You could use these puzzle pieces for so many different ESL games, however here they were just a helpful tool when thinking about our writing!  I also included a list of possible cooking words and adjectives to use.  The rest you can pick up from Angelica!!  She even has a great powerpoint to go with it all.

The final product always turns out adorable! 

Here was one of my favorites this year:  Mix together 1 cup honesty and 1/2 cup of a good listener.  Stir in a pinch of fun, 3 tbs. of loyalty, and 2 tbs. of kindness.  Then, bake it for 2 hours.  Enjoy!  {Pretty good for a non-native English speaking 6th grader!!} 

Hope you are having a great week and find all sorts of way to share the love with those around you :)


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    1. I completely agree, Deb! I'm so glad I ran across this activity last year. I've been doing it all week with different age groups and it's been so much fun! These little guys can be so creative :)