Friday, February 21, 2014

Five for Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!  I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for a little Five for Friday!

I'll be working on this guy all weekend.  It looks like my hubby and I may be moving to the Greenville, South Carolina this Summer!  So I'm on the search for a new job- anybody know anyone who is hiring in Greenville?  I have 4 years of experience in the classroom and I am ready to send, send, send my resume!  After four years teaching at 3 different schools, I am ready for a teaching "home".  I loved my schools in Colorado but it's definitely time to be closer to my family on the East coast!

I began playing a fun new game with my classes this week!  It's great for ESL but also for some vocabulary enrichment in a non ESL classroom. To play it is super simple and needs nearly zero materials.  Have your class form two lines in front of the chalkboard/whiteboard.  At the top of the board write a topic, as broad or focused as you'd like.  Then, like a relay, have students come up one at a time and write a word that corresponds to that topic.  Once they've written a word, they pass the chalk back and the next student comes up.  After two minutes, the group with the most words wins.  However, you could do the group with the most letters {so they're using bigger words}, wins.  Or the most creative words win.  I could use this game with every class for any type of review.  You could have them writing science words- body parts- food- breakfast foods- jobs- words ending in -ity or -able-etc!  I didn't count words that both teams came up with.  Improper spelling was not an issue because it wasn't our focus, but that is up to you.  After two minutes they would sit down and we would talk about each word, correct spelling, and award points.  Perfect for a fun and easy review!

All the jobs they came up with
 I was finally able to finish up a Fraction Art project that I have been wanting to TpT-arize since last year!   I did this last year with my 5th graders and really loved it.  Students create a picture using fractional pieces and then they have to add up all of the fractions to find out how many wholes they have in their picture! Included is a Rubric, the fraction pieces, directions, and a student's page with questions for them to answer about their art work.  I shared it with my Facebook Followers when it was completed and had it free for the first 24 hours it was on TpT.  For more freebies, follow my Facebook page --here--!

March Madness is coming up and if you're like me, you're excited to fill in your bracket!  Well, what better way to incorporate some sports into your classroom but with Miss Nannini's March Madness Basketball Tournament Math Project!   My class did this last year and we LOVED LOVED LOVED it.  I can't do it here in Spain because they would not understand- but I cannot wait to do it again next year, wherever I end up!  I will be blogging about it more next week.  Be sure to stop by to learn all about how it worked in our classroom! 

And #5:  I leave you with this- a perfect little summary of Friday!!  Have a good one :)


  1. I just found your blog and TPT site and love both! I am teaching at a DODEA school in Belgium and love living in Europe. We lived in Greenville, SC for seven years and looooooved it. You will too. First thing to do is subscribe to Southern Living magazine and plan to monogram a lot of your clothes!

  2. Thanks for the shoutout!! I'm so glad your kids had fun with my March Madness Project, and I can't wait to read more! Enjoy your time in Spain!