Sunday, September 8, 2013

Busy busy BUSY!! Story of our lives, right?

Hey teacher friends!

Life has been uber busy for this teacher!  This past week my husband and I spent a lot of time with our family- first visiting them in Virginia and Ohio, then my parents came down to Savannah to stay with us for a while.  Then yesterday I threw a tailgate wedding shower for my lovely friends, Morgan and Drew at the Georgia vs. South Carolina game!  More to come on traveling, tailgating, and of course the part that is consuming my life right now- packing up for Spain! 

Martina from The Hungry Teacher, and I, were hoping to share our final installment of our series about Co-Teaching today, however we both need a little more time to pull together our interviews- life certainly has caught up with us recently!  So we will be back next week in order to share our parent and student interviews about Co-Teaching, with y'all!  Please be sure to stop by!

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