Monday, September 2, 2013

September Currently!

Can you believe it's September?!?  Holy cow.  This is the month we embark on our big teaching adventure in Spain.  I cannot believe it.  We are so excited and just ready to be there, sharing the adventure on my blog with all of y'all!

I'm linking up with Farley over at Oh Boy 4th Grade to join in her Currently Linky!   Be sure to check it out and join :)

Listening... to my family chat and drink coffee.  My aunt and uncle and cousins are visiting from all over.  They're talky, and I'm just sitting back enjoying it. 

Loving... that we're going to a red's game today!  We're in Cincinnati staying with my family for the long weekend.  I love Cincinnati!  It's where I grew up and I am a red's fan for sure.  My parents are taking my hubby and me to a game today!  Hooray!  Let's hope for a win against the Cardinals :)

Thinking... I'm ready for a good salad and lots of fruit.  I dearly love my family, but we sure do eat and drink a lot when we're together!  It's about time for some veggies and a cleanse perhaps... Anyone have some good suggestions?

Wanting... to fly home instead of driving 12 hours tomorrow.  Cincinnati to Savannah is not a very fun drive :)  I love the car time with my hubby and we're working on our Spanish by listening to some cd's.  12 hours is a lot of Spanish time! 

Needing... coffee.  Refer back to "thinking".  I need lots and lots of coffee today :)


1)  We need to find a home in Spain this month!  I hope that by our next Currently, I'll be comfortably writing from a café or a little studio apartment in Mallorca.  *Fingers crossed*

2)  Before we move, the house must get boxed up and the suitcases must be packed... by far my least favorite part of any move, right?? 

3)  Wedding thank you cards must be finished before we leave.  I'm not trucking my stationary all the way to Spain.  Cannot, will not.  No biggie- only 70 left to write...

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  1. Every time I visit my mom I tease her that all we do is eat. Every picture we take involves food. I usually come home and east salad for a couple weeks. I like taking green food. Good luck with moving to Spain. It sounds exciting. :)
    ~April Walker
    The Idea Backpack

  2. Oh my goodness, how exciting to be moving to Spain! Best of luck finding a house and getting settled there! Looking forward to reading about your adventures there :)

    Carolina Teacher

  3. You are so good... I got my thank you's out just before the one year mark... I am the worst procrastinator! Best of luck with your move, I can't wait to hear all about your experiences!!!

    Floating Through Fifth

  4. Spain? What an adventure! I'll be checking back often to hear all about your move and your work with the little ones there! Hope the drive home goes by quickly for you!
    adiós y buena suerte
    (I Googled that! I know about three words in Spanish):)

    Creative Lesson Cafe

  5. I'm so jealous and inspired by your adventure! Glad I found your blog through Farley's Currently, and can't wait to read all about teaching in Spain.
    The Wild Rumpus

  6. Wedding thank you's, shower thank you's, baby shower thank you's, new baby thank you's...they take forever!!! I'm positive you will finish before you leave. Can you set a goal of completing 15-20 a night? That's the only way I could get it done.

    Good luck!
    1, 2, Eyes On You!