Saturday, September 28, 2013

The woes of living in Spain...

Are few and far between.  Except that as a teacher blogger, it is near to impossible to find internet.  The initial flat/piso we were staying in had internet graciously illegally provided by the restaurant downstairs.  We then booked an apartment for the week that was supposed to have internet.  But we’re in Spain and when you are told there is internet, it turns out it may just be in the lobby.  And it may or may not work.  And you may have to go across the street and blog at a café while drinking café con leche.  {Which are heavenly, btw, as I currently am sipping on one at said café}.  This also makes it a bit more challenging to finish my most recent product {Opinion Writing- Unit 3}, which I am working on bit by bit every day!  Thank you to those of you who stop by and read my blog and support me- it makes the running around much more worth it J  We’re off to explore the Wine Festival in a nearby town!  Happy Saturday teacher friends!  Be sure to enter my GIVEAWAY celebrating reaching 100 followers on Tpt!!  The winner will get $25 to TpT!  It ends Monday!!
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May I also mention that as I sit in a European café, sipping coffee, working on my laptop, I feel this crazy need to smoke a cigarette... So very Carrie Bradshaw of me. 

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