Sunday, October 20, 2013


Hola chicos!

All is well here in Spain.  I cannot believe we're nearing the end of OCTOBER!!  Where has the time gone!!?  I am trying my darnest to finished my 3rd writing unit, like yesterday.  Please bear/bare {just had to google which it was... turns out it's bear} with me as I adjust to this new life and no wifi thing. 

Found this adorable guy while searching for the correct phrase
I am enjoying my sweet ninos.  But to be truthful, this entire process is a struggle for me.  I feel like I am struggling just as much as the little kiddos.  Not only can I not speak Spanish, they cannot speak English.  I am just trying to keep my head above water most days because what else can you do when little ones can't understand you?

In order to make the most out of our time in the classroom I'm trying to use very simple games and activities.  This past week I taught about Halloween!  In order to teach them, I used the Halloween poster you can see here.  And then made some flashcards with the pictures on them. 

My drawing skills leave something to be desired
We read the words together from the poster and then I had them form two groups.  One student from each group would come up at a time and I would hold out the flashcard for them and the first student to say the word got a point for the team.  Super simple.  And easy.  And helping build their Halloween vocabulary.  Haha.  It may not be the most practical vocabulary for them to learn but hey, they're enjoying it :)   I figure we will ease into some numbers and the alphabet this coming week. 

With my high schoolers, I am having a very different experience!  My high schoolers are much more fluent in English and can have a little more fun.  In fact, one of the teachers I am working with brought games to our class this week and we got to all play games {which is nearly unheard of from teachers in Spain!}. 
Super similar to "I Have... Who Has..."
One of the games was very similar to "I Have... Who Has..." and I thought it was great, so I went ahead and made my very own version and you can grab it in my TpT Store for FREE!  It's a great game for discussing context clues and even better for any ESL learners because it makes them think about the sentences. 

There's SO many fun ways you can use this game :)
In the mean time, I am still scouring the internet {when I can get it!} and have started a Pinterest board with tons of ESL games and activities.  Please check it out and be sure to follow me on Pinterest while you're there! 

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