Sunday, October 27, 2013

Nerd Alert, Nerd Alert!!

Y'all... I am such a teacher nerd.  Like, TpT Lovin, marker hordin', pen obsessed, binder enthusiast, and clipart addicted.  {Aren't we all though?}  However, I'm slowly realizing that while this is the norm for me in the schools back home.  It is SO not the norm here.  And by the people surrounding me.  WHAAAAT???

The program I am working through is organized by the Spanish government.  In order to teach English in Spain, you do not need to have an education degree.  So almost all of the people who do this program come straight out of college and have different degrees.  I do not know of any other actual teachers in the program.  I feel like I definitely have an upper hand because I am comfortable in a classroom, but nobody else gets the teaching aspect.  Nor do they have a love for all things TEACHER!  Like, when I suggested that we create a tub full of all our lesson plans and games we make... I got blank stares.  That would've killed in a teacher's lounge!  And when I purchased an uber cheap printer at a local store... I got asked why I would spend the money.  And when I told them to let me know of any game ideas they have so I can make them online and share them... they thought I was crazy.  And the teachers here are not much different.  At least the teachers I work with.  They love themselves some workbooks.
My collection of teacher supplies so far.. Meager but a start!
So maybe this isn't the same teaching environment.  Maybe I really am a SUPER teacher nerd.  I think I'm okay with it.  Who's with me?


  1. I'm not even a real teacher yet and I've started collecting pencil crayons and card stock. So don't worry, even if there aren't as many crazy teacher nerds in Spain you've got at least one comrade in Canada!

    The Imaginary Classroom

  2. I hear ya! When I taught in Costa Rica, I was looked at like I had 5 heads when I.... worked during lunch!! The others were shocked that I wouldn't take a moment for myself, especially when I was not just on time for work, but early!! Very different world of teaching when you are not surrounded by the culture you grew up with. I was teaching with just one other teacher, and she was from Costa Rica, but the work ethic and importance on education is just different there. Not better or worse, just different, right? :)

    I am glad I found your blog! I've been searching for other upper elementary teachers.