Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Hey y’all I am super excited to announce the winner of my giveaway!!  It’s Laura R over at Adventures in Mutligrade!  Be sure to check your e-mail, Laura, so you can collect your $25 gift card to TpT!  Thank you to everyone who entered!! {And be sure to check out her super blog while you're at it!}

All is great here in Spain.  We had been on a serious apartment hunt this past week and finally found one last night!  We’re going to move in this afternoon and we are SO excited to have a “home” after living in hotels for the past two weeks.  I’ve had to hold off on all shopping knowing that I would have to move anything I purchased.  I am SO ready to go hit up Zara.  It may be a little while before we have wifi.  I'm still sitting in a café in order to get a little bit of internet :)
Today was supposed to be my first day of work but the teacher strike is still continuing in Spain.  We are living in Palma, which is the largest city on Mallorca.  But one of my school’s is in a smaller city outside of Palma, called Sineu.  We took the train out to Sineu yesterday to find my school and see how the strike is affecting the smaller towns.  Well, it seems as if the smaller towns are the ones really affected by the strike.  Which makes sense I suppose, because how often do the smaller towns have a reason to speak English?  They aren’t huge tourist destinations.  Or the base of larger international companies.  As we walked through the {beautiful beautiful} streets, we saw evidence of the strike hanging from windows and doors
Check out those green shirts

Green shirts everywhere

Even green shirts with the Catalon flag!
And on our way home, we got to even see some of the strike in action!  Teachers were holding a protest in downtown Palma.  We got to walk along, cheer, and support the teachers here, which was awesome! 

It was amazing how peaceful but LOUD it was.
Funny side story… I was telling my mom about the protest and she was very worried about “riots” or “violence”.  All it took was a reminder that these people striking are teachers. They’re like me, and any other teacher out there!  I laughed pretty hard at that one J

I hope y’all have a great week!  I am still working hard to finish Unit 3- Opinion Writing as soon as possible!  I am hoping to have it completed by the end of next week.  I apologize for the delay, life has certainly caught up to me these days, but moving into an apartment and getting into a routine will certainly help {I HOPE!!}.

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