Monday, May 26, 2014

Book Study! {Chapter 1: 100 Minutes}

Literacy.  Balanced Literacy.  Reading.  Writing.  Spelling.  Word Study.  Handwriting.  Comprehension.  Fluency.  So much goes into Literacy!  Where do you fit it all in?  Many teachers {myself included} can feel flustered just thinking about it!

I am very excited to be joining the Book Study with Beth from Thinking of Teaching. Whenever I'm feeling stuck, I can think of nothing I like more than to grab a good teacher book.  New or old, these books are full of wisdom.  Some speak to you, guiding you this way or that way.  Others reinforce what you're already doing and give you new motivation.  Some make you reevaluate your best practice.

Grab your copy!
My hope for myself {and all teachers really} is that this practice is the norm.  The moment I become lackadaisical about my practice is the moment I should no longer be doing it.  Would you want a doctor to stop learning?  Teachers should always, always, always, always, be learning.  So again, I am SO excited to be joining Beth for this book study of 100 Minutes:  Making Every Minute Count in the Literacy Block by Lisa Donahue. Have you grabbed your copy yet?  Grab a latte {or heck, it's Summer, grab some Sangria!} and pull out your highlighters and crack that book.

This past weekend my husband and I went away to celebrate his big 3-0!  I surprised him with flights and tickets to the Monaco Gran Prix {something that's been on his bucket list forever} and used the most of my travel time {airports, buses, taxis, hotels} to maximize my reading.  My hubby snapped a few pictures of me- hard at work.

Chapter 1 of 100 Minutes sets the guidelines for the book.  My first thought:  I love that the book has quotes and space along the margin!  Perfect for note taking and thought processing!  What good is a teacher book if you can't rip it apart and make it your own? 

I love that Lisa Donahue is so down to earth; open about her own trials and tribulations as a teacher.  And most importantly, she's been there.  She's a teacher.  She gets what it's like.  I love what she says on page 14, "students should always see their learning as important, relevant, and authentic."  Already she has spoken to me; shown me that she knows "what's up". 

Lisa breaks the literacy block into 3 "chunks".
-  A Reading Lesson
-  A Writing Lesson
-  AWARD Time {which in my mind is "workshop" time}

With the stakes being raised, it's time for us to figure out how we can "fit it all in" and 100 Minutes provides a new way of thinking... a different style for us to use in the classroom.  I am ecstatic to continue reading and learn more about this strategy.

Be sure to stop by tomorrow to learn all about Chapter 2!  And if you're reading along and sharing your thoughts, please link up below!  See you tomorrow :)

There are a few guidelines that Lisa Donohue and her publisher have asked that people follow.

Please read through these carefully. 

  • Anything created for 100 MINUTES should be shared for free. 
  • Anything created and shared based on 100 MINUTES should include a disclosure statement  "Adapted from 100 MINUTES and not endorsed by Lisa Donohue." 
  • Please cite the complete publication information:  "100 MINUTES, (2012), Donohue Lisa, Pembroke Publishers" in order to make it easier for others to find the book.


  1. Kelly Anne,
    So happy that you are a part of the book study!!
    I also LOVE your comment about writing in the margins and "ripping a book apart to makw it your own"...that's totally what I do too.
    Great first post.
    Thinking of Teaching

  2. I am coming to you via Thinking of Teaching and this is my first online book study and also this will be my first classroom teaching position (5th grade). I am so excited to join this book discussion and get as much information and help to build a literacy block that is successful for my students.

  3. Ha! I posted the same thing about the margins! Only a book written by a teacher would have such perfect note taking space! I'm super excited to continue linking up!