Saturday, May 31, 2014

What Summer is Great For!

As teachers, we are so stinkin' lucky, come Summer.  We work our butts off all year and then Summer comes and, as we all know, we participate in professional development, curriculum planning, and organizing, to name a few.   Many may disagree, but I think this makes us lucky.  What other professions use their breaks to learn more?  To better themselves?  We are lucky because we are willing to go above and beyond even when it is not necessary. 

So, how are you going above and beyond this summer?

I certainly hope you've been following along with Beth's Book Study of 100 Minutes.  {There's still plenty of time if you need to go grab your copy!} Kelly shares her thoughts about Chapter 3 today on her blog, An Apple for the Teacher!  I'll be sharing my thoughts on here tomorrow- so be sure to stop back by :)

And I hope you're as excited as I am to join Catherine's book study of Reading in the Wild.  I have heard about this book but never had the chance to read it!  I plan on ordering it asap and getting to work!

My highlighters and pens are ready...

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