Friday, May 2, 2014

MAY CURRENTLY {TpT Sale, Notepads, and Spring!!}

Well, it's May!  Only a month and a half left in Spain and we're trying to soak up every minute of... every minute I have with students, every minute traveling, every minute spent at European cafes, and every minute at the beach... Before we know it, June will be here and the school year will come to an end!  I hope you're savoring every minute of this new month!  I'm linking up with Farley for May's Currently!  Hop on over to see what other fun bloggers have joined :)

 Listening... to Ingrid Michaelson's new album.  In love.  Mine and my hubby's first dance was to her song, You & I.  Mmmm happy memories :) {And in love with this adorable video}

Loving... my new Notepads!  I haven't had time to share about this yet, but something new has joined my TpT Store!!  I now have Teacher Notepads available for purchase!!   They were designed by me, printed and bound by my dad, and the photos were taken by my grandfather {since I'm still living in Spain and the notepads are in Cincinnati, Ohio!}.  So they're truly a family product and only $10 +shipping!  Check them out here or here!  Notepads will ship in 5 business days from Cincinnati and will be on your doorstep in no time!  Come on, I know you want to check them out!! {One even features Farley's favorite quote!!}

Thinking... about what I plan to stock my shopping cart with for the coming TpT SALE!!  I love when TpT has a sale and I just have to stock up on clip art and fun fonts!!  What will you load your shopping cart with?
Pick this guy up for FREE in my TpT store!
Wanting... SO MUCH!  What items are in your shopping cart?  I'm hoping to pick up these guys during the sale...

Mrs. Cahill's Class

These Beautiful Backgrounds

And this landforms clip art by Ashley Hughes!
Needing... to go read my daily devotion.  I've been reading Jesus' Calling and have really loved every minute of it.  Each day's reading is short with a beautiful message.  I know this will be a book I read year after year- not just this one year.  When I read I try to journal my thoughts and feelings and prayers {time allowing}.  I greatly look forward to this quiet time {or not so quiet time} and it's about time!  Off I go to heat up to water for a cup of tea :)

And SURPRISE... I really love Teacher Julia's sweet blog and think you should totes stop by and check her out!
Happy FRIDAY!!


  1. Kelly Anne, I LOVE YOUR BLOG! It's absolutely gorgeous!!! I love the things you wanted and am definitely going to have to check them out. Ingrid Michelson speaks to my soul--if you like her you should also check out Johnnyswim and Sam Smith.

    I LOVE the Jesus calling devotional-- it somehow always says exactly what I need to hear. I also love D.L. Moody's Morning Devotional.

    Happy Friday,


  2. I would love to travel to Spain! It seems so beautiful!
    Also, your notepads are super cute. That is definitely my new favorite quote. "There are seven days in a week and someday isn't one of them." :)

    1. Thanks so much, Jessica!! Come visit me anytime! {Well, anytime in the next 6 weeks} :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!