Sunday, May 11, 2014

Bringing History to Life {Reading Prisoner B-3087}

Hey y'all!  My husband and I traveled to Munich, Germany this weekend to meet up with my brother who has a few weeks in between college semesters.  Today we plan to visit Dachau Memorial, the first concentration camp built during Hitler's reign.  I am very excited and very nervous at the same time.  This place holds so much history and so much sadness.  How can one be prepared to experience this?  To learn a little more about this era, I read the popular book, Prisoner B-3078.  There are really no words to describe a book like this.  It is such a great book that is packed full of history, truth, and realism.  While it's a tough read, it is also one I can imagine students really getting into.  And bonus, it allows for so many conversations and teaching points.  {I even saw Catherine over at The Brown Bag Teacher read this book with her kiddos!}  I can only imagine the kind of conversations this book sparks. 
I compiled a bunch of questions while I read the book and took note of them so when I'm back in a classroom with book clubs, I can reread the book and use the questions as conversation starters, journal prompts, quizzes, or anything in between. It's a no frills, basic product but the questions make students think about the book on multiple levels and there's enough questions covering each chapter to allow teachers to pick and choose what they want to discuss.  You can check out this super basic teacher time-saver at my TpT store {for just $1.00!!} here.

Off we go on a new adventure- I hope you have a wonderful Sunday.

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