Monday, May 5, 2014

Informative Writing in the 5th Grade Classroom

Y'all- my 5th Writing Unit is up and on sale!  As of yesterday.  It is the most extensive product I have created yet and I'm so excited for it.  It took me over three months to develop and I am just happy it is all ready for 5th grade teachers to enjoy :)

If you're curious about what's included- don't you worry.  It has EVERYTHING you could possibly need to teach Informative Writing.

Lessons? Check!

Interactive notebook pages?  Check!

"How-To" PowerPoints that compliment the lessons?  Check!

Multiple examples of Informative Writing?  Check! 

Pages to track student data?  Check!


I hope you're intrigued :)  Hop on over to my lil old store and check it out! 

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