Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Best idea ever!!

My co teacher found this great idea somewhere on Pinterest... if you know where it comes from, PLEASE let me know so I can properly give them credit.  BUT  I am in love.  Like, this is amazing/ teacher nerding out, type of love :) 

Our kiddos are ALWAYS stealing our new Expo markers and wearing them down.  No matter how many times we talk about it.  They love them just as much as we do.  I understand!  But I still want to be able to find a nice marker when I'm writing up on our whiteboard.  So I've tried coloring on the expo markers, writing my name on them, taping ribbon to them, etc...  But nothing seems to help keep them "mine".  So here comes the brilliant plan... ready?  Drum roll please....

We hot glued large pom poms onto the end of them!  That way our learners know they are ours AND we have an eraser on hand, all the time!  FABULOUS! 

Look how beautiful they are!  :)

And so practical!  Gaw, I feel like a salesman, but seriously- they're brilliant!

Ahhhh happiness over the small things!

Please let me know if anyone else has any brilliant ideas like this... I love something simple and creative that will help you out in the classroom!  I hope it can help you too :)


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