Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentine's Day Love!

Earlier this week I found this super cute and fun activity via Bridget at Little Lovely Learners. She posted here about a fun FREE Valentine's Day activity from Angelica Aves.

So we started off the week making our own "Recipes for Friendship".    It was so easy to do.  There was even a PowerPoint and student and teacher examples.  Naturally, we teachers had to make our own recipes! 

Our little learners loved doing this activity and came up with the absolute sweetest recipes!
Get a big bowl and add some kindness, a hunken piece of love, a bit of energetic, a cup of Paris, a very full cup of secret.  Stir a lot of energetic in then add a teaspoon of animals and a little sprinkle of kindness... and add a cookie.  
First you need love and humor.  Don't forget hugs!  Pour a cup of respectfulness and kindness.  Don't forget athleticness, secret keeping.  And you have to put a cup of fun and a cup of height. 

We hung them up in the hallway for others to enjoy throughout the week!  LOVE!  Thanks to Angelica Aves for this great activity!

This week was just full of Valentine's Day fun.  On Wednesday we had our 5th grade dance.  Yikes!  It's an annual activity that our school does for 5th graders.  But these little guys are so not ready to be having dances.  However, it is precious to see them run around in circles or, in some cases, roll across the floor.  There is no "dancing" to really be had.  We just play some {loud!} music, add some bright lights and a colorful paper chain, and viola!  There's a dance!  I'm pretty sure we have more fun than they do... maybe. 

Here the girls are dancing together.  Who needs boys!
The next morning, we celebrated Valentine's Day with a little breakfast fun!  I think this is one of the best ideas I've had in a long time.  Having a breakfast allowed us to take our time and it got their excitement out of the way.  We had no "When are we handing out Valentine's?" or "What do I do with my Valentine mailbox?"  Thank goodness.  We spent an hour in the morning passing out Valentine's and eating breakfast, and we were through!  Whew!  I had some fun activities planned for us that we didn't even get to touch!  Parents brought in containers of pancake mix, fruit, eggs, and bagels, and we had ourselves a delicious little breakfast!  The kids watched "The Lorax" while we baked.... they were so happy and content.  And so was I :) 

We ended up having SO much food that we had to offer it to the teachers at our school!  And we STILL had some leftover! 
Thank goodness for projectors.  Some days are just made for a little movie time :)
Co teacher making pancakes for us!  YUM!
Valentine's day week ended up being a great celebration!  I often dread parties because of their hecticness and the insanity they bring with them, but this one went so smooth and was a lot of fun.  PTL, y'all!!  Now we just have to make it through TCAP... Here's to one last party before State Testing! 


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