Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Much needed

Weekend getaway!  Whew- sometimes we just NEED them.  Whether it's to get away from your work, the day to day, or just to take a break, weekend {or week long!} getaways are so important.  This past weekend, my fiance and I took a much needed overnight.  We hopped on the TRAIN {wooo wooo} and rode an hour and a half up to the neighboring town of Glenwood Springs.  AAAMAZING.  Such a fun trip!  Riding the train was most of the fun- and pretty inexpensive.  I really wished I could have just stayed on the train all day.  When it was time to get off, I was so sad.  The views were amazing and we just had a great time relaxing and traveling! 

But this was our first time in Glenwood and we had lots to explore!  So off we went... finding delicious food, drinks, and spending LOTS of quality time together :)

The next day I came back home feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the week!  Sometimes a getaway, no matter how small and inexpensive, is just what you need! 

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