Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tweet tweet!

I know I'm behind the trend... as always :)  But I have an exciting, new (to me), bulletin board to share with y'all.  My super duper co teacher has been amazing at updating our bulletin board out in the hallway all year. 

At the beginning of the year, we had little windmills that corresponded with our energy unit.  During our poetry unit, she made an actual PoeTREE that we hung student's written poems on.  This past week, she made our very own Facebook and Twitter Page bulletin board.  SO stinkin' cute.  I've never seen students SO excited about a bulletin board before.  They kept asking us if we were going to really get a Facebook account and what we were going to do with Twitter! 

Well, we, the teachers, finally made our first "Posts" this week.  On our "facebook" page, we asked students to tell us about a problem they are facing in their book right now, as THAT character.  And on "twitter" we asked students to summarize their book in 140 characters. (They were shocked that it was harder than it sounds!)

In their  weekly book clubs (I'll be posting about how we do those later this week!), we had some of our students write to either board, and then edited and revised their work, wrote it on a strip of construction paper, and posted their "response"! 


I'll try and get some close ups for y'all... All I have now are these two pictures.  But the bulletin board is just absolutely darling and so much fun!  I love how we've integrated "technology" into our every day learning. 

And in an attempt to try adding some more technology, I've gotten our class a twitter account.  We'll see if we can actually use it :)  Feel free to follow us @IACS5thGrade. 

Happy tweeting!

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  1. I love this! I may have to try this or something similar after our state testing this year. Thanks for sharing!

    Teaching to Inspire in 5th