Monday, February 25, 2013

It's nearly March, bring on the four leaf clovers!

March is absolutely my favorite month!  I love how the weather starts to warm up (fingers crossed!), and it's the month of Spring Break- woop woop and it may just be the month of my birthday... I just LOVE March!  I'm also a huge fan of all things green... and Saint Patrick's Day is all about the green!  I was super excited to make a few Saint Patrick's Day sets to use in my classroom! 

My St. Pattie's {5th Grade} Math Centers are full of all things 5th grade.  {Working with decimals, converting measurements, working with ordered pairs, multiplying and dividing multiple digits, and finding volume}.  I am so excited to start using these games in my classroom.  The activity I am most thrilled about is my Ordered Pairs Cryptogram!  Using ordered pairs, students will find the answers to 3 different St. Pattie's Jokes.  I laughed so hard when i found some of these jokes...

For example!  What is left out on the lawn all summer and is Irish?

Wait for it...

Paddy O'furniture!  Ha!

I looove that one.  And the other two are just as great.  This is a great way for your kiddos to practice working with ordered pairs!  Check out this fun product- HERE!  Or click on the picture below :)

Also Green & St. Pattie's Day Themed...

Coordinate Graphing BATTLESHIP!  Just like we used to play back in the day :)

And last but not least, a fun little {freebie} featuring an ordered pairs graphing activity!

I hope that you find something here that you can use in your classroom.

Happy Monday!  Enjoy your week :)


  1. These centers look great! I don't know about you but I just love themed math centers, and so do the kids! I am working on some "Easter" math centers now and I just want to make a ton of centers with all the great graphics!


    1. Thank you so much!! I am completely with you, Jennifer! I looove themed math centers. They just make every day a little brighter and more fun. I can't wait to see your Easter math centers!

      Kelly Anne